Sample piece for Shinola covering a few different styles of writing including a blog post, product description and Email Blast while keeping the voice of the company in mind.

Shinola Copywriting Sample

City Fitness

Mock Logan Square Member Signup Email for City Fitness Philadelphia. The purpose of this email is to Announce the opening of CF’s new Logan Square location and attract new members.

Fitness is Now in the Heart of Center City

Eclectic Identity

Story I wrote about the change in the vinyl record industry over the past few years for the online magazine Eclectic Identity. Includes pictures shot by me and an alternative story form (ASF) chronicling the past history of vinyl records.

Resurgence of Vinyl Records Helps Industry Middle-Men

The Odyssey online - MSU

Editorial piece I wrote about a local shooting that happened in my hometown. Most of the work I did for The Odyssey Online was editorial based, but included localization pieces as well.

Hometown Shooting Puts a Damper on Holiday Celebrations