The Consequences of Removing Public Restrooms

So far I've been pretty lucky in terms of bathroom availability in the places I've visited, lived, driven through or all of the above. Never have I truly been far away from a gas station or McDonalds that has had facilities that are functional. Even when traveling abroad there were public restrooms in Paris and London that could be used. What I'm trying to convey here is that nothing prepared me for the amount of human fecal matter that I've seen in the street during my almost two months of residence in the great city of Philadelphia.

So you might have some questions/comments after reading that, the main one being "how do you know it's human?" Well for starters I have unfortunately seen it happening on more than one occasion, so there's that. It's not some thing you go out of your way to stare at, but when you see a man in that stance next to a car your mind draws that conclusion pretty naturally. At which point you immediately look away, but still keep him in the corner of your eye cause you have no idea what could happen next. 

Additionally there are certain characteristics of human poop that you can just kinda tell. Size, shape, color, it all looks entirely too familiar and you just kind of put the pieces together that form a terrible, terrible mental image. 

So yeah, I implore anyone that is going into public planning or city design to include public restrooms, because that shit is disgusting. Literally and figuratively.