Why You shouldn't care what Instagram does

If you're reading this, then for whatever reason you care about what a small photographer thinks about the current algorithm on Instagram. So for that I thank you, although there's really no reason you should because IG certainly doesn't.

But that's beside the point.

The point I want to get across in this post is that it doesn't matter what the algorithm is. If you make your living from IG then try to diversify your income stream. If you source the majority of your clients from IG then I suggest you take the same advice. Diversification is the life-blood of freelance work, so solely relying on one social media platform to be the building block is something that isn't sustainable.

We barely even know how social media works, and people are basing their futures off of it.

If you look at it like any other type of freelance work it's easy to see that there is no sustainability for creators. Curated lives can only fool advertisers for so long before they catch on to what's happening. A great example of this is how The New York Times released an article on follower farms where you can buy realistic bot followers. The fact that this is news is ridiculous. Anyone thats had an account should know fake followers are a real issue, and it doesn't just happen to large profiles.

Last month I was victim to a bot farm business that liked one of my images on IG over twelve times the normal amount it should receive. They then DM'd me asking if I saw the post and if I wanted to pay for their service. 

I felt abused, it sucked.

So what's my advice for everyone now that IG is deciding to change their algorithm on a monthly basis? Just forget about it. Honestly, you'll be happier. Post when you want, post what you love, post because you're proud of you work, because even though IG is trying desperately to monetize itself the right eyes will see the right work. 

In the beginning IG was never meant to be a place where actual photographers post work. Now its a platform for influencers, models and the like, all with an agenda. 

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we used IG like it was originally intended...

Just a thought.