Gym Therapy - An Introduction

Working out is rough. I grew up playing sports and doing stuff outside, so when it came to actually hitting the gym I would avoid it. I wanted to get fit, but I would end up just losing money to another gym membership that went unused. 

That changed my senior year of college when I decided to actually learn the science behind it and change for the better. I've learned to love researching and learning, so applying that to the gym made sense.

 A year later I moved in with a friend who had a similar appreciation for this research, which doubled my motivation. Now almost four year laters I am still incredibly interested in the science, nutrition and function of body/strength building.

This series of posts will attempt to put together some of the research I've learned along my journey, along with how it has actively changed me. I've named it "gym therapy" as a tribute to how much it has helped me in various aspects of my life. From depression, to anxiety, to ADD and even addiction, the gym has helped me overcome many hurdles in my life and effectively become my version of therapy.

Before I moved to Philly I would tell people how important it was that I found a gym here. I knew how it would help me keep on somewhat of a schedule when I had none. It's the one place I find peace of mind and solace, especially in a busy city.

So if you'd like to learn a little bit about why the gym is great for you, feel free to read the upcoming posts Alternatively if you're feeling down and don't know where to start, these posts will offer some advice, because starting is always the hardest part.